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Check out our list to get answers to our mostly frequently asked questions.

I have a large group that wants to take the ferry. Should I make arrangements ahead of time?

Please contact our office to arrange to move large groups. Our maximum capacity is currently 12 passengers on our vessels. We may need to move your group on several ferries.

What measures are you taking to keep passengers and employees safe from COVID-19?

No passenger may board if they are sick or required to self-isolate. We prefer all passengers wear face coverings while on board and when loading or unloading. Vessels will undergo frequent cleaning and enhanced disinfecting. Hand sanitizer will be provided on board.

Can I bring my dog aboard the ferry?

Yes. Our ferries (and our drivers) are pet friendly. For the comfort of all other passengers, please ensure your dog is clean, dry and leashed! Wet dogs may have to wait until there is plenty of space. Please allow a minimum of 2m between your dog and other passengers.

Where can I buy tickets for the ferry?

All tickets may be purchased on board the ferry and some tickets can be purchased here on our website. We prefer that everyone pay with a TAP enabled debit / credit card, and we have credit / debit terminals available on board all ferries. We also accept cash on board all ferries.

Do the ferries run all year-round?

Yes, the ferries run all-year round. We operate scheduled service every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Do you take bicycles?

Unfortunately not. Our ferries, while perfectly suited for people, are simply too small to safely carry bikes.

What are the ages for adults, seniors and children?

Adults are 13 – 64, Seniors are 65 and over, Children are 4 – 12. Children 3 & under are free.

Do you permit strollers on board the ferry?

Yes. Children must be removed from strollers prior to boarding. All strollers must be collapsed prior to being loaded. At the moment our crew are unable to load any of your belongings. Please be prepared to board the ferry when it arrives by removing children and contents. Some large strollers are simply too big to be loaded on the ferry.

Are the rainbow ferries part of your company?

No. We share several docks along the eastern portion of False Creek with another ferry company. Although they run a comparable service, and operate boats of an identical design to ours, tickets are not interchangeable between companies.

Are the ferries wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, the ferries are only accessible for passengers with collapsible wheelchairs. We can assist you onto the ferry if you can take one or two steps, but the vessels are too small to safely fit passengers that need to remain in their chair.

Does the ferry crew accept tips?

Tips are not expected, but are sincerely appreciated.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff.

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