Fare Saving Options

Whether you’re riding every day, or just once in a while, we offer a wide range of tickets and passes that will suit your budget and your schedule. The tickets never expire and the prices are the best. Tickets can be purchased on the ferries or online (see below).

The Annual Ticket sale will return in December!

All Day Ferry Pass

The best way to visit all the attractions located around False Creek. Hop on or off at any stop. Valid all day, on all ferry routes. Day Passes may be purchased on board the ferry or here on our site.

Commuter Tickets

Zone tickets offer significant savings for regular riders, and may be purchased here or on board the ferry. Tickets come in both  1 Zone and 2 Zone denominations, and are tailored to offer maximum savings for different routes.  All tickets may be used on all routes (eg: you can use a 2 Zone ticket on a 1 Zone crossing), and may be upgraded with cash at any time (eg: you can upgrade a 1 Zone ticket for travel on a longer route).

Monthly Passes

If you want to ride the ferries a lot (and we hope that you do), a pass is the best way to go. Passes are valid for unlimited travel on all routes and begin on the first of each month.

Check out our complete list of fares, or visit our Trip Planning page for information on routes, rates and schedules.


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