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Village Dock

Welcome Aboard

You can purchase tickets here through our website, or on-board the ferry with cash, card, or tap.

Wait for the ferry down on the dock, as ferries only stop when someone is waiting on the dock.


Fare Savers

Books of tickets offer significant savings for regular riders, and are tailored to offer maximum savings for different routes.  

All tickets may be used on all routes (e.g.: you can use a 2 zone ticket on a 1 zone crossing), and may be upgraded with cash at any time (e.g.: you can upgrade a 1 zone ticket for travel on a longer route).

Ticket zones from this dock:


Monthly Passes

If you want to ride the ferries a lot (and we hope that you do), a pass is the best way to go. Passes are valid for unlimited travel on all routes and begin on the first of each month.


Hours of Operation

To Granville Island & all stops West
7:30 am – 10:15 pm
7 days a week
Every 15 minutes

(additional service at peak times)






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